Rhinoplasty: Reconstruct the Nose

Both medical and cosmetic reasons send people into their plastic surgeon’s office to discuss a rhinoplasty, better known as a simple nose job. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your nose, have trouble breathing, suffer from sinus or allergies, or otherwise wish to reconstruct the shape of your nose, it could be a worthwhile decision to talk to the local plastic surgeon raleigh nc concerning your desires.

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Rhinoplasty is a safe procedure used by thousands of patients every year. While each person has their own set of reasons for scheduling the procedure, almost all are completely satisfied with the results. Although it takes a bit of time to recover from a nose job, most patients make a full recovery much sooner and can get back out there and enjoy life once the swelling and bruising subsides. When a qualified surgeon is chosen, there are few risks associated with a nose job.

To ensure that a nose job is right for you, the doctor will set up a consultation. The consultation looks at your specific issues and needs to determine if a nose job is the best choice. If the doctor decides that you’re a good candidate and you wish to pursue the procedure, further planning into the reshaping/reconstruction of the nose begins.

Insurance may cover the costs of rhinoplasty performed for medical reasons. Not all insurance companies will, so be sure to check your policy and with your agent to learn more. Cosmetic rhinoplasty costs usually are not covered by the costs of any insurance provider. The costs to perform a rhinoplasty vary, with an average patient paying $6,750. Compare providers to find not only one who offers great rates, but who also is well qualified to perform the procedure.

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